GE C40-8W – CSX (ex-CR Patch)

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JointedRail content is currently supported ONLY in Trainz 12 Build 61388 thru current Trainz: A New Era versions. Items may require connection to the N3V download station for dependencies.

Model by Justin Cornell, reskin by Josh Snow


Additional information

KUID Table

<p>Contents of CDP: csx_patched_c40-8w.cdp</p>
<p>Leslie RS3L #2 <kuid2:37581:1200:1><br />C40-8 engine <kuid2:45324:6408:6><br />Ditchlight <kuid2:45324:10100:6><br />Red Corona <kuid2:45324:10101:3><br />flame <kuid2:45324:10116:5><br />Adirondack type bogey Modern CSX <kuid2:45324:50233:4><br />GE wide cab front wipers left <kuid2:45324:85408:6><br />GE wide cab front wipers right <kuid2:45324:85409:6><br />GE wide cab rear wipers left <kuid2:45324:85410:6><br />GE wide cab rear wipers right <kuid2:45324:85411:6><br />CSX Patched C40-8W <kuid:348207:100781><br />CSX C40-8W yn2 (ex-CR) Weathered Locomotive Skins <kuid:348207:100799><br />CSX Patched CW40-8 cab shell <kuid:348207:100803></p>


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