General Rolling Stock Dependencies

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JointedRail content is currently supported ONLY in Trainz 12 Build 61388 thru current Trainz: A New Era versions. Items may require connection to the N3V download station for dependencies.

Required dependencies for all of LilB’s Rolling Stock.



KUID'S In this package include:

Route Card Textures, kuid:103021:100042 Invisible Freight Car Interior, kuid:103021:100077 Angle Cock, kuid:103021:100320 Coupler Mesh Library, kuid:103021:100322 Coupler Bogey Front, kuid2:103021:100569:1 Coupler Bogey Back, kuid2:103021:100570:1 US Freight Car 40-50Ton Friction 70 PSI, kuid2:103021:100771:1 Coupler Bogey Top Back, kuid2:103021:100908:1 Coupler Bogey Top Front, kuid2:103021:100909:1 Coupler Bogey Lower Front V2, kuid:103021:110569 Coupler Bogey Lower Back V2, kuid:103021:110570 Coupler Bogey Top Back V2, kuid:103021:110908 Coupler Bogey Top Front V2, kuid:103021:110909


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