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Want to see what we're working on? How about in real time? Well you're in luck. Starting today look for the LIVE symbol to show up in our menu on the far right hand side. If it's there that means one of us is live streaming directly from a project we're working on. Be sure to check it out!

Jointed Rail welcomes Approach Medium!

The team here at Jointed Rail is pleased to announce our newest member Approach Medium! We're very excited to be working with Joe on some upcoming projects I'm sure you all will enjoy. If you haven't seen his work we suggest you follow him on Twitter as well as subscribe to his YouTube channel. In the next few days you will see an entire section of the website dedicated to Joe's videos and how-to series. With this new partnership will come a ton of new content in both the payware and freeware departments. Stay tuned here for further announcements on projects, releases and general news.

New Releases 4/20/17

Lot's of new items up for grabs today including some new freeware items as well.  The much anticipated Coal Country by Richard Ness (Scratchy) is a wonderful trip through the vast coal communities dotting railroad lines all over Appalachia!  This route is complete with custom scenery items, new freight cars, new locomotives and much more.  This route also includes 4 in depth sessions which will keep you busy for hours.  Grab this latest package today in our store and be sure to check out all of these other great releases while you're there!

New Models, New Railroads

We have tons of new and exciting things happening and that includes new railroads and new models.  While we're rebuilding old models from the ground up we're also adding new railroads to our rosters.  We hope you enjoy the upcoming content and we look forward to offering your favorite railroad very soon!  We're also starting to offer a selection of routes and content packs that cover various industries or themes.  Have you made the switch to TRAINZ: A New Era?  Jointed Rail is now offering routes and content specifically designed to take advantage of the upgrades that TANE offers.  We're currently supporting the latest stable build, however we cannot guarantee BETA versions until they are completed.  Be sure to remain at the last stable version, we don't recommend nor support any BETA versions of TRAINZ.

New freeware almost ready!

It's been a little while since our last freeware release but don't think we've forgotten!  We have a lot more where this came from including new models, new freight cars, buildings and more.  We have enough freeware to last us through the fall on regular releases.  Keep your eye on the site and be sure to check us out on social media too.  Up for grabs this week will be the following items.

This is just a small sample of what we have in store over the next several months.  We hope you enjoy it!

Live train cam returns

Our live train cam has returned!  You can now watch 8 cams for free from the player on our live trains page.  This page is brought to you from our sister company Virtual Railfan.  From coast to coast Virtual Railfan brings the trains to you!  For higher quality feeds, DVR, more cams and other features please consider a membership.

A brand new site

It's been awhile since our last website overhaul.  Several functions weren't working correctly and there were other reported bugs as well.  We decided it was time to overhaul the site from the ground up.  With our new site things should be much faster, searches should lead you to the correct items and the issue with being returned to the home page is now solved.  We welcome your feedback and look forward to returning a rewards program in the near future.  Please look around and check out the site, we hope you enjoy your stay.

New GP38-2’s released

It's been a long time in the making.  We're getting back to where it began, overhauling and rebuilding our GP38's.  This is a ground up replacement of the original model adding the latest technology available for the best graphical results in game.  Included in the new line of EMD's are our brand new cabs.  These cabs are packed with scripted features that will deliver hours of enjoyment.  Several schemes are planned covering many railroads.  Look forward to more overhauls very soon.

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