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Dayton & Troy Electric Railway

The Dayton & Troy is a small, model railroad-style route built by YouTuber, Approach Medium (acbdfaqoz on the forums) during an eight part YouTube series.

The route is based off of an HO scale model railroad track plan published in Model Railroad Planning 2004.

Route Download

Assets not on DLS can be located:

JR asset pack: JR Dependency Pack

<kuid:465961:100250> JS Texture Spline B-041
<kuid:465961:100207> JS Texture Spline B-003 (Type-B)

<kuid:13920:100277> TBS billboard Lattice: Approach Medium D&T

May or may not be on DLS:

<kuid2:104609:21016:1> BusStop_Dome
<kuid:132952:131114> SAM Fence - old stones


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