American Intermodal – TS12 SP1

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JointedRail content is currently supported ONLY in Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 117009 to current TRS22 and plus versions. Items may require connection to the N3V download station for some dependencies.


Last update: December 19, 2014


Route/Sessions: Download Here

Content Pack 1: Download Here

Content Pack 2: Download Here

Pofig Trees: Download Here


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Contents of CDP: ai_content_1.cdp A38-2 GRAZZY-A GRAZZY-B GRAZZY-C GRAZZY2-B GRAZZY2-C GRAZZY Spline-B GRAZZY Spline-C GRAZZY Track Spline-C GRAZZY-D GRAZZY2-D GRAZZY-E GRAZZY2-E Safetran NS Signal dwarf Invisible Signal Safetran C Light Signal mesh library JR_NS_tex_clean JR grass sparse1 JR grass light2 JR grass dark2 JR grass dark3 JR NS 3 JR NS 4 JR NS 5 JR NS yard 1 JR NS yard 2 JR spur 1 JR spur 2 Invisible FT JR Multi Industry Jointed Rail Smart Signal library v1.66 Road Sign – Low Ground clearance xing Road Sign C – Flagger Road Sign C – R Lane Closed Ahead Road Sign – No Turn On Red Platform Low Asphalt 06 Sidewalk Median 4ft Erie Bench Erie Shack Erie Section House Section House Track Basketball Hoop with Pole House Classic Revival 02 House Classic Revival 03 House Classic Revival 04 House Classic Revival 05 Amtrak Platform Sign Planter Grand Junction GF_Road_Dirt Track Barbed Wire Fence Road White Stripe Spline FL Columbia Day Cab-JBI-Non-Poseable) FL Columbia Day Cab-Pacer-(Non-Poseable) FL Columbia Day Cab-Northern Energy JR 53' Ref. Semi Trailer- White Arrow JR 40ft GOLD Ctr/Trlr JR 40ft Capital Ctr/Trlr JR 40ft Evergreen Ctr/Trlr JR 40ft Maersk Ctr/Trlr JR 40ft APL Red Ctr/Trlr JR 40ft APL Blue 2 Ctr/Trlr JR 53ft Trailer Fedex Multimodal JR 53ft Trailer JBHunt JR 53ft Trailer PKGZ JR 53ft Trailer USA Truck JR 53ft Trailer Fedex Freight JR 53ft Trailer Yellow JR 53ft Trailer Roadway JR 53ft Trailer PRIME Inc JR 53ft Trailer XTRA JR 53ft Trailer ABF JR 53ft Trailer Fedex Ground JR 53ft Trailer Schneider JR 53ft EMP Ctr/Trlr JR 53ft Swift Ctr/Trlr JR 53ft Hub Green Ctr/Trlr JR 53ft CSX Blue Ctr/Trlr JR 53ft Schneider Ctr/Trlr JR 53ft CSX Ctr/Trlr JR 53ft JB Hunt 2 Ctr/Trlr JR 53ft Pacer Ctr/Trlr JR 53ft APL Ctr/Trlr JR 53ft Stax CSX Ctr/Trlr JR 53ft TSFZ Chassis JR 53ft PATZ Chassis JR 53ft JBHZ Chassis JR 53ft NSFZ Chassis JR 53ft CMCZ Chassis JR 53ft Trailer JBHunt Intermodal Red JR 53ft Trailer Werner Enterprises JR 53ft Trailer JB Hunt Intermodal Green JR 53ft Trailer US Xpress JR 53ft Trailer US Xpress Contents of CDP: ai_content_2.cdp Cinder block Railroad tie A Railroad tie B Dirt Road 2 Sign NS W MX Sign NS W PS2 Sand Hopper 5 Gallon Bucket 1 5 Gallon Bucket 8 5 Gallon Bucket 6 ST 100# Jointed Rail Track No Ballast [Clean/Old] Abandoned Pole 3 Abandoned Pole 5 Abandoned Pole 4 JR Injury Sign JR No Trespassing Land JR Construction Barrier JR Parking Lot Light JR Generic Warehouse (400L300W) JR Auto Auction Sign JR Entrance Gate JR Generic Loading Rack JR Small Tank Loading Platform JR Sand Tower JR Large Canopy JR Generic Shop JR Yard Office JR Open Shed JR Crew Office JR Signal Shack JR Generic Parking Lot 1 JR Metal Fabrication Shop JR Walnut Creek Logistics JR Northern Propane JR Small Shop JR Northern Energy Sign JR Large Storage Warehouse JR Brunswick Logistics JR Midwest Paper Products A38-4 A38-5 A38-4 Warehouse 01 E Bell RR Crossing RR Crossing 12×24 ST LA Safetran Hybird M Bell RR Crossing RR Crossing 12x24M ST LA RR Crossing 12x20NG ST RR Crossing 12x24NG ST Safetran RR Crossing Mesh Library RR Crossing Track Plate Textures RR Crossing Library Textures RR Crossing Corona RR Crossing 12×24 SideL ST Speed Limit Sign 15 Left QHG FMA trackbed w08 bridge n_man_walk_9 n_womanSpSit_3 n_womanSpSit_4 n_railman_5 n_pathRailman5 NS No Tresspassing Sign JR 2 Stall Engine Shop with doors FFR Dirt & Leaves 01 Abutment – Light Grey JR Wood Grade Crossing JR Red Semi DRIVE Contents of CDP: ai_pofig_trees.cdp 3D1_Pg_SLD_K1-842 3DE_Pg_Abh_D4_1-3113 3D1_Pg_Abh_E1_2-1985 3D1_Pg_Abh_E1_3-1917 3D1_Pg_Abh_D12_3-1073 3D1_Pg_Abh_E2-2079 3DE_Pg_SLD_KL1_3-2182 3D1_Pg_SLD_K7_4-3956 3D1_Pg_Abh_E3_1-1663 3DE_Pg_SLD_KL1_8-1991 3DE_Pg_SLD_KL1_9-1995 3D1_Pg_Abh_E3_3-1805 3D1_Pg_Abh_E3_5-763 3D1_Pg_Abh_D5_1-575 3DE_Pg_SLD_T1_12-5688 3D1_Pg_SLD_K2w-1446 3D1_Pg_SLD_K3w-952 3D1_Pg_SLD_K2b-764 3D1_Pg_SLD_K2_1-2222 3D1_Pg_SLD_K2_2-4412 3D1_Pg_SLD_K2_4-9574 3D1_Pg_SLD_K7_2-2056 3D1_Pg_SLD_K2_5-2730 3D1_Pg_SLD_K2-422 3DE_Pg_EK_D6-2814 3D1_Pg_EK_K3_1b-1710 3D1_Pg_BMO_Db5-2303 3D1_Pg_Abh_Kt2b_2-706 3D1_Pg_SLD_K1_3-642 Contents of CDP: ai_intermodal_facility.cdp MiJack 1200R engine Semi tractor engine JR Intermodal Ramp Object JR Half Cone Arrow Mijack Translift 1200R Mijack 1200R Crane Wheels Tandem Axle Wheels 40ft Cheetah Chassis T FEC Port Everglades Terminal JR Intermodal Ramp JR Intermodal Loading Area Wait Until Loaded Contents of CDP: ai_route-session.cdp American Intermodal American Intermodal BASE SESSION Contents of CDP: ai_ccw_mow_pack.cdp S-2 Truck 100 ton 263, 000 lbs 6.5in ?? 12in 36in wheels VR Track Ballast Arn library, v2.02 Barber-Bettendorf Truck 5in ?? 9in Brg 33in wheels black G72 pipe load G72 new tie load G72 old tie load WRRW Ballast1 Charmin Paper Towels (Pallet) Kleenex (Pallet) Angel Soft (Pallet) Paper Roll (Pulpboard) Paper Roll (Bleached) CC&W MOW Bay Window Caboose CC&W MOW G72 Gondola CC&W MOW 100 Ton Hopper CC&W MOW 60' ACF Boxcar Bogey sound (FC_USA) Contents of CDP: american_intermodal.cdp Nathan M3 #2 Leslie RS5TRRO Nathan NCP5 #3 SD60 engine SD40-2 engine SD45-2 engine Ditchlight Yellow Corona Lunar Corona Light Dot Trucklight/Steplight LED Segment Red HTC bogey SD60 NS Black HTC bogey HTC bogey SD40 NS S-2 Truck 100 ton 263, 000 lbs 6.5in ?? 12in 36in wheels EMD 16-710 diesel engine sounds EMD traction motor cables -3 motor Hornsound for Frank's SD70M Locomotive CC&W SD45-2 CCW MOW Company Fuel Tender CCW ex-NS SD60 CCW ex-DRGW SD40T-2 DRGW SD40T-2 cab shell CC&W SD45-2 cab shell Nathan K3LA EMD 20-645E3 Engine Sounds CC&W SD9M #57 CC&W SD9M #58 CC&W SD9 cab shell 57 CC&W SD9 cab shell 58 EMD 16-567B diesel engine sounds advanced EMD 10 Blade 36 Radiator Fan Cab Running Numbers Southern Pacific CC&W GP9 CC&W GP9 road slug Bogey sound (FC_USA) Blomberg B type bogey (black a SP) EMD SD9E/GP9E cab modern (silver) EMD SD9E/GP9E cab (green) Flexicoil Eblack dirt EMD SD9 enginespec without dynamic brake EMD GP9/F9 enginespec CC&W GP9 cab shell Camera type wagon(xVg) EMD 16-567B diesel engine sounds advanced

13 reviews for American Intermodal – TS12 SP1

  1. John


  2. Dave (verified owner)

    I am always amazed at the quality of JRs products. The creation of Trainz objects make any scene come alive. That is so true for American Intermodal. All of your efforts are well done. Thank you!

  3. Coulter (verified owner)

    This route is not very long but it is very well detailed. I really like the MI jack cranes and the way that they unload/load the cars. If you like intermodal terminals then look no further. Score: 9.5/10

  4. Tim (verified owner)

    American Intermodal is one of the best routes i have ever seen. The loading/unloading process is unbelievable. I plan to build a whole world around it. Not to overlook their support, thanks guys for all the help getting it up and runing.

  5. Bernard (verified owner)

    Intermodal at it’s finest. look forward to future expansions.

  6. Marvin (verified owner)

    The American Intermodal assets that load/unload the containers is just the most awesome animations ever. These assets alone are worth a whole lot more. I am running Tane build 81178 and it works fantastic.

  7. Thomas (verified owner)

    I enjoy this route with the mix of road and rail traffic I am disappointed in the GP 9 as the horn dose not work but that is easily fixed thought so I have no complaints. five out of five

  8. Joseph (verified owner)

    Route is exceptionally one of the best. Only complaint is I don’t like how it’s short and seems unfinished. Please update and expand route soon!

  9. Preston sting (verified owner)

    Very very nice model. Highly detailed, worth the money.

  10. Morten (verified owner)

    Worth the money

  11. jamiethomas81 (verified owner)

    This is a great (but short) route! It is very detailed and the intermodal equipment is very fun to watch. Trucks come into the yard and then leave the yard with or without containers. For anyone who is wondering, I have verified that this route, while it is said to be Trains 12 compatible only, does work with my T:ANE installation. The equipment that comes with this pack are worth the price alone!

  12. Grifferdude (verified owner)


  13. Matthew (verified owner)

    the engines and rolling stock are great!

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