Cold Creek Logistics- TS12

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JointedRail content is currently supported ONLY in Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 117009 to current TRS22 and plus versions. Items may require connection to the N3V download station for some dependencies.

This route/module is for TRAINZ 2012 (SP1) only.

Last update: July 31, 2014


TS12 Compatibility Only

Cold Creek Logistics is a new type of module for TRAINZ 2012 (SP1). This module can be added to a route you may alread have in the works, or you can run this as a standalone switching module. Future industry modules will be able to be merged with each other to expand your collection of these modules. Included with Cold Creek will be a new fully scripted 72′ reefer car. This car will include animated doors, new visible custom loads, custom AC sounds, scripted lights to tell you if the unit is cooling, plus much more. Also included will be a new interactive industry called Cold Creek Logistics. This building will be fully detailed and include a detailed interior loading dock. Outside you will find spots for 4 cars while the interior dock will hold 3. We plan to keep adding content until release later in August.

Additional information

KUID Table

S-2 Truck 100 ton 263, 000 lbs 6.5in ? 12in 36in wheels BLUE CAP, JR Midwest Cold Storage, CC&W SW1500, CC&W Shoving Platform, CC&W SD40-2 ex-BNSF, CC&W SD40-2 cab shell, CC&W MP2800/C 601, CC&W MP2800/C 600, CC&W Ce-11RS Caboose, AAR(EMD) A Type Truck Rblack, Nathan OCP5 #2, Nathan M5 Horn Sound, Leslie S3L #2, Leslie RS3L, Leslie RS3K, Generic 4-Axle Wheelsound, EMD 12-645E diesel engine sounds, EMD 10 Blade SW Paper 48 Radiator Fan, Tropicana Packaged Juice, SW1500 engine, SD40-2 engine, Red Corona, Lunar Corona, Loco Coupler Rear Plow, Loco Coupler Front Plow, Green Corona, GP38-2 engine, Frozen Ore-Ida French Fries, Frozen Green Giant Green Beans, Frozen Bird's Eye Vegetable Mix, Flexicoil Eblack, EMD 8 Blade 48 Radiator Fan, EMD 2 Axle Flexicoil SOU, EMD 16-645 diesel engine sounds, EMD 16-645E diesel engine sounds, EMD 10 Blade 48 Radiator Fan, EMD traction motor cables -3 motor, Ditchlight, CRYX 72ft Mechanical Refrigerator Boxcar, CRYX 72ft Mechanical Refigerator Skins, Black HTC bogey, Barber-Bettendorf Truck 5in ? 9in Brg 33in wheels & Generator opposite, Barber-Bettendorf Truck 5in ? 9in Brg 33in wheels, AAR(EMD) A Type Truck black, Nathan K5LA 3rd Gen 1b

4 reviews for Cold Creek Logistics- TS12

  1. William Leasure (verified owner)

    PROS! I had some trouble trying to load railcars in the trainz platform, but it never bothered me. That is untill Cold Creek came to town. I’ve always wanted a small borded layout that will proform well with multiple trains passing thru while Im working the industrys!

    The only wish I had would be to put everything into one CDP package because I had to hunt for over 64 of them. Otherwise its awesome!

  2. Ed (verified owner)

    I’ve spent many hours now playing this route and its just excellent. Even better when you link them to other routes. I gave quality only 4 star because the Cold Storage Facility though being complete needed to be reset because some of the products weren’t showing up ingame.

  3. William (verified owner)

    I am always amazed at the work you guys do here at Jointed Rail. This route is top notch with many innovative features and new rolling stock. You guys push the limits of what a rail sim should be!!! I look forward to seeing what you guys dream up next…

  4. Richard (verified owner)

    This route/module is for TRAINZ 2012 (SP1) only.

    Why? Works perfect in TANE latest version.

    I only had to delete all the Pofig trees. No way to get those strange things working.

  5. Kevin

    While some parts may work well in TANE, others do not 100% as I think you’ve seen with the loading building. If we cannot offer 100% compatability with another version we only support and make note of it for the version it was tested 100% on. Its unfortunate but that is the way we have to operate with especially routes.

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