EMD SD70ACe – MRL Phase 1

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Textures by Matt Fleming

Last update: May 8, 2015


MRL SD70ACe in Phase I scheme

4 reviews for EMD SD70ACe – MRL Phase 1

  1. Brandon C. – {BT} (verified owner)

    After spending some time after purchasing this loco, I have reviewed scripting, body looks, body detail, cab interior, and sounds. In that order-

    Scripting: Scripting of the locomotive is good, includes fuel and sand usage, which adds a element of realism into the game. The engine itself is capable of a good size load pulling it alone. Those are both good things in my opinion.
    The one thing that has bothered me with the scripting of this locomotive is that it is unable to run at full throttle (Notch 8) for extended periods of time, at notch 7-8, eventually after a couple of minuets, the in game overlay messages will appear stating that locomotive is overheating and to reduce throttle. Where as in real life, the SD70ACe is capable of running full throttle for up to hours at a time. A good example of this is real life Montana Rail Link on Mullan Pass, Montana, a set of 4 mid-train DPU’s would be capable of running full throttle up to the top of the grade.
    Overall scripting review – 4/5

    Body Looks + Details: The SD70ACe has to be one of the meanest looking locos out there, and with the MRL blue and black paint on it, just makes it look amazing. The looks of the body is well done, a few more detailed objects on the body, warning labels and the company name/logo on the rear, are a bit too blurred out to make it look good… as for the larger details, such as the logo on the side, and the name & stripes on the cab are good. Highly suggested to up the resolution.
    As for body details, highly detailed body, and trucks. It has everything, coupler knuckles, air hoses, MU cables, break canisters, GPS dome on the cab… You name it, it is on there. Very well done in body and detail.
    Overall Details: 5/5

    After that 5/5 on the body, you’re probably wondering “Why is quality only 3 stars after that?” Well… the hit came from the cab interior…
    Cab Interior: It is nothing like what you’d expect, its not even the correct interior for a ACe, I don’t know what it is to be honest.
    Going into cab it completely changes the outward-looks, the windows change, the nose changes, looking out back, it shows a ladder off the side that’s not even there… This is what the interior of a SD70ACe’s cab should look like – http://www.nsdash9.com/images/NS1002km9.jpg
    Overall cab: 1/5

    Sounds: Sounds are good, Stock at best, but its understandable as to why you can only get so many sounds, due to new federal laws and what not in recent years, its a bit hard to get on board with the crew now and record something, unless you are one of the crew.
    The horn sounds good, could be tweaked a bit to sound more like a 5-chime.
    Overall Sound: 4/5

    My overall thoughts on this locomotive, Yes, I’d recommend getting it, especially if you’re into the Montana area scene.
    Price is not bad at all, I wish it could be free, but sadly that isn’t reality.
    Quality is good, sound is good, detail is great.

  2. Linda Montgomery (verified owner)

    great model thanks JR

  3. GEli (verified owner)

    All I can really say is it is just about perfect. The only thing that can make this better would be a custom cab. The engine sound and horn sound can be fixed through the DLS.

  4. DARTrider (verified owner)

    Like what Brandon said above, it’s great apart from the DDA40X cab. Great job!

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