Engine Specs

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Engine Specs for realistic operation of locomotives on this site

Last update: September 14, 2012
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kuid2:45324:6401:5 SD40-2 engine no dynamic brake
kuid2:45324:449:3 GP39X/49 engine
kuid2:584038:777025:1 B23-7 engine no dynamics
kuid2:45324:6446:1 E44 engine
kuid2:584038:110126:1 U25 engine no dynamic brake
kuid2:45324:6702:7 SD70ACe engine
kuid2:45324:4267:2 EMD F7 engine 56:21 gearing
kuid2:45324:6443:1 AC44C6M engine
kuid2:45324:6445:1 AC4400 engine
kuid2:45324:6000:5 AC6000 engine
kuid2:45324:644:5 SD45 engine no dynamic brake
kuid2:45324:4420:4 P40/P42 engine
kuid2:45324:4100:5 ALCO RS-1 engine
kuid2:45324:4237:4 B23-7 engine
kuid2:45324:4307:6 B30-7 engine
kuid2:45324:4377:1 B36-7 engine
kuid2:45324:4090:4 BW9 engine
kuid2:45324:6307:7 C30-7 engine
kuid2:45324:6462:1 SD40T-2 engine
kuid2:45324:638:5 SD38 engine
kuid2:45324:1150:5 G22AR engine
kuid2:45324:4350:4 GP35 engine
kuid2:45324:6398:3 C39-8 engine
kuid2:45324:6408:7 C40-8 engine
kuid2:45324:4367:3 CF7 engine
kuid2:45324:4401:5 GP40-2 engine no dynamic brake
kuid2:45324:6449:5 CW44-9 engine
kuid2:45324:100:2 dummy engine
kuid2:45324:6447:1 E44a engine
kuid2:45324:6444:1 ET44AC engine
kuid2:506034:7980:1 EMD GP7 enginespec without dynamic brake
kuid2:45324:4268:1 EMD F9 engine 62:15 gearing
kuid2:45324:6442:1 ES44AC engine
kuid2:45324:6441:7 ES44DC engine
kuid2:45324:4402:7 GP40-2 engine
kuid2:45324:6450:1 F45 engine
kuid2:45324:6451:1 F45 engine 59:18 gearing
kuid2:45324:6454:1 FP45 engine
kuid2:45324:6457:1 FP45 engine 57:20 gearing
kuid2:45324:4280:7 MP2800 engine
kuid2:45324:4152:2 GP15T engine
kuid2:45324:6456:1 FP45 engine 59:18 gearing
kuid2:45324:6455:1 FP45 engine no dynamic brake
kuid2:45324:4112:1 GP11 engine
kuid2:45324:4382:7 GP38-2 engine
kuid2:45324:4381:4 GP38-2 engine no dynamic brake
kuid2:45324:6402:9 SD40-2 engine
kuid2:45324:6402:8 SD40-2 engine
kuid2:45324:450:5 GP50 engine
kuid2:45324:6403:2 SD40-2 engine 59:18 gearing
kuid2:45324:451:3 GP50 engine no dynamic brake
kuid2:45324:460:8 GP60 engine
kuid2:45324:639:1 SD39 engine
kuid2:45324:1151:1 MiJack 1200R engine
kuid2:45324:6336:1 MT6 slug
kuid2:45324:4120:5 S12 engine
kuid2:45324:4122:4 S12 slug
kuid2:45324:6452:4 SD45-2 engine
kuid2:45324:628:1 SD28 engine
kuid2:45324:635:1 SD35 engine
kuid2:45324:637:5 SD38 engine no dynamic brake
kuid2:45324:636:1 SD39 engine no db
kuid2:45324:645:7 SD45 engine
kuid2:45324:6405:2 SD40E engine
kuid2:45324:6453:5 SD45-2 engine 59:18 gearing
kuid2:45324:650:7 SD50 engine
kuid2:45324:660:7 SD60 engine
kuid2:45324:6605:3 SD60E engine
kuid2:45324:6704:4 SD70M engine
kuid2:45324:6703:6 SD70MAC engine
kuid2:45324:6803:6 SD80MAC engine
kuid2:45324:6903:4 SD90MAC engine
kuid2:45324:1152:2 Semi tractor engine
kuid2:45324:410:1 SW1 engine
kuid2:45324:412:7 SW1200 engine
kuid2:45324:4150:6 SW1500 engine
kuid2:45324:6253:2 U25C engine
kuid:506034:804973 EMD SD9 enginespec with dynamic brake
kuid:506034:136508 EMD GP5/FT enginespec without dynamic brake
kuid2:506034:837845:2 EMD GP9R/F7A/B Enginespec
kuid:506034:470156 EMD GP18 enginespec
kuid2:506034:317821:1 EMD SD7 enginespec with dynamic brake
kuid:506034:310501 EMD SD7 enginespec without dynamic brake
kuid2:506034:800973:1 EMD SD9 enginespec without dynamic brake
kuid2:506034:121059:1 EMD SW1500 Enginespec
kuid:506034:446713 Railcar mover enginespec
kuid2:506034:385622:1 TEM18 Engine specification

Additional information

KUID Table

dummy engine SW1200 engine GP39X/49 engine GP50 engine GP60 engine SD38 engine no dynamic brake SD38 engine SD45 engine no dynamic brake SD45 engine SD50 engine SD60 engine G22AR engine MiJack 1200R engine Semi tractor engine BW9 engine ALCO RS-1 engine S12 engine S12 slug SW1500 engine B23-7 engine MP2800 engine B30-7 engine GP35 engine CF7 engine GP38-2 engine no dynamic brake GP38-2 engine Baldwin Steeplecab Engine GP40-2 engine no dynamic brake GP40-2 engine P40/P42 engine AC6000 engine C30-7 engine C39-8 engine SD40-2 engine no dynamic brake SD40-2 engine C40-8 engine ES44DC engine CW44-9 engine SD45-2 engine SD45-2 engine 59-18 gearing SD60E engine SD70ACe engine SD70MAC engine SD70M engine SD80MAC engine SD90MAC engine


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