GE AC6000CW – SP

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Model and textures by Matt Fleming

Last update: February 13, 2015


8 reviews for GE AC6000CW – SP

  1. MormonJesus

    I am literally balls deep in this engine right now and I love it!

  2. arda (verified owner)

    Great loco

  3. kyle (verified owner)

    Great locomotive. If only the SP would have lasted to use such power!

  4. Cheripok (verified owner)

    This is serious motive power! As mentioned in a previous review Southern Pacific never survived long enough to have the chance to put these beasts to use although they did use -9s and AC4400 engines. This is just the kind of power they would have been likely to opt for however given the nature of their operations, so it’s fantasy but not silly in any sense.

    Externally this loco. is well presented with accurate SP colours (very lightly weathered) and a well modelled body which appears accurate when compared to prototype photos of AC6000s operated by other railroads. The radiator grills are sufficiently transparent to reveal the fan housings beyond and and the HiAd trucks are well modelled. The interior of the cab also appears to be accurate compared to photos and the unit number appears both on the main computer screen as well as on a plate on the conductor’s side of the cab interior.

    The cab doors can be opened by degree as can the windows and the external visors are adjustable. The wipers (front and rear) and interior lights can be operated by ceiling switches in cab. All the main cab controls also function from the interior view. The engine has a fine deep throbbing rumble which I like although I can’t pretend to know how prototypical this sound is.

    This thing pulls like a train! Um…it is, in fact, a train, but it develops such amazing adhesion! I ran a few tests over the same hilly part of my route as for previous review tests and it out performed every other JR engine I have. OK it has over 6000HP but if you are gentle with the throttle it will use it all effectively and not go into screech mode immediately. In fact I can replace two or three locomotives with just this as long as I don’t want to race over the mountain.

    There are cab lights, walkway lights and number board lights to play with as well as the headlamps. If I have one gripe it is the headlights.The light seems to poke forward like a solid thing and looks a bit unreal to my eyes at least.

    All in all though I’m on board with this one. Five stars from me.

  5. Natalia Bogodevich (verified owner)

    Really cool unit!

  6. AmtrakP42DC12 (verified owner)

    Anyone know what this kuid:584038:100683 is?

  7. TrainmanJames (verified owner)

    Awesome loving the big power

  8. NorfolkSouthernfan22 (verified owner)

    It’s the Ge AC6000 Cab when purchased download that so it will work.

    I can’t express how much I love this locomotive it’s mouth-watering amazing nicely detailed and amazing sounds the great horn, engine sound this is definitely a locomotive to BUY!!!!!!!! The price is outstanding for what you get if you get this I promise you will NOT be disappointed.

    10 out of 10 for me great job Matt Beautiful beautiful locomotive!!!!

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