GE C40-8W – NS (ex-CR) Blown Turbo

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Contents of CDP: ns_c40-8w_horsehead_bt.cdp Leslie RS3L #2 C40-8 engine Ditchlight flame Cab Running Numbers Black Swiss GE Computer Screen Digits Black Adirondack type bogey Modern CSX GE 7FDL16 diesel engine sounds (late) GE wide cab front wipers left GE wide cab front wipers right GE wide cab rear wipers left GE wide cab rear wipers right NS Horsehead C40-8W Blown Turbo NS Horsehead CW40-8 Blown Turbo cab shell

1 review for GE C40-8W – NS (ex-CR) Blown Turbo

  1. William

    Wanted to take the time to just say all the content you make along with this item is very enjoyable to me. All are very detailed, sound just like the real deal and offer hours of fun.

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