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JointedRail content is currently supported ONLY in Trainz: A New Era SP4 build 105766 thru current Trainz Railroad Simulator 2022 versions UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED ON THE PRODUCT PAGE. Items may require connection to the N3V download station for common dependencies.

Model by Justin Cornell. Textures by Mike Cyr.

Last update: September 9, 2012


5 reviews for GE ES44DC – CN

  1. PRR1104

    Custom Window

  2. NXT45

    This is a great engine but there is no custom cab… 🙁 Not worth the money, unless there is a sale. (Should be $5 because there are no ditch lights)

  3. EdwardNumberTwo (verified owner)

    A nice representation of a CN ES44. This unit maintains the well known CN website scheme. A few personal gripes (not actual problems with the model), however:
    – The way the cab windows look doesn’t completely sit right with me.
    – The CN logo on the sides of the locomotive seem slightly too high up.

    This model does not feature a custom cab, no alternating ditch lights and the standard ES44 K5HLL used across all JR models.
    I personally changed the horn to a different CN K5HLL from
    I have also swapped the standard generic cab with the CN C40-8W cab, which is custom. It gets the job done for me.
    My final verdict, the locomotive is fairly priced for what you get. If it was $12 or $15, then I’d have something to say. The small gripes can be easily fixed with some config file changes. The model still looks the park, and is very useful when recreating modern day CN operations.
    Well done JointedRail. I hope to see more CN content in the future.

  4. markuis (verified owner)

    Nice CN Model, as someone who works for CN I can say its pretty good, no custom cab kinda sucks, and the CN logo is high, but I enjoy the model. I’m glad it doesn’t have alternating ditch lights as that is not CN standard, the only CN units that have those are the IC 2400 series.

  5. Matteo Macinnes (verified owner)

    this is an amazing unit. though i’d prefer it to be $5 bacuse there is not a custom cab. i usualy expect a custom cab for jointed rail. i kinda already saw that coming beacuse the freeware KCS es44ac (get that now) did not have a custom cab. but all in all this is an amazing locomotive ***IF YOU DONT HAVE THE KCS ES44AC DO NOT BUY THIS IT WILL HAVE MISSING DEPENDINCIES GO TO THE DLS TO GET THEM***

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