Juice Train Pack

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JointedRail content is currently supported ONLY in Trainz: A New Era SP3 build 94916 thru current Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 versions. Items may require connection to the N3V download station for some dependencies.

Pack contains 1 ES44AH, 1 C40-8 (YN3) & TPIX Boxcar with animated doors and visible loads. Custom cab and animated wipers are on the C40-8 model only.

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Nathan K5HL Nathan K5H [CSXT] C40-8 engine ES44DC engine Ditchlight Red Corona flame Tropicana Packaged Juice S-2 Truck 100 ton 263, 000 lbs 6.5in ?? 12in 36in wheels Adirondack type bogey Modern CSX GE Radial black IAIS GE dash8 std cab front wipers center GE dash8 std cab front wipers left GE dash8 std cab front wipers right GE dash8 std cab rear wipers left GE dash8 std cab rear wipers right CSX C40-8 YN3 cab shell CSX ES44AH YN3TL CSX C40-8 YN3 TPIX Mechanical Refrigerator Boxcar

15 reviews for Juice Train Pack

  1. M (verified owner)

    Excellent quality. Love the Tropicana car!

  2. Andrew (verified owner)

    I see these Tropicana reefers go by everyday on the CSX Trenton Line. I jumped at the chance to own JR quality reproductions. They are very nicely done! Thanks JR!

  3. Steve (verified owner)

    Nobody else yet has created a very authentic Tropicana Juice Train Refrigerated boxcar reefer which makes this an excellent package for moving your morning orange juice around the country on any route you wish including 2 CSX locomotives, a great little pack.

  4. Efrain (verified owner)

    I just bought this for Trainz A New Era and the only thing that seems to be working in this pack is the Gevo. The C40-8 standard cab locomotive does not work and the Tropicana Reefer does not work either. So until I or somebody can fix this my review is 2 stars for Quality due to the Gevo working and the same is for the Value. Price is 5 stars as for some people 15 dollars is nothing but for me 15 dollars is a lot of money so it better work. Hopefully I can get this working so I can run this on my fictional CSX Route I am working on in T:ANE.

  5. Efrain (verified owner)

    I bought this for my fictional CSX route in TANE and couldn’t get everything beside the GEVO to work at first but now the whole pack works and I have to say that this pack is awesome. GEVO and C40-8 standard cab and the Tropicana reefer are great. So if buying for TANE may take some fiddling around to get everything to work but once you do get everything working you can use your imagination and take this equipment from the East Coast to the Mojave Sub and Tehachapi Loop and beyond. So 5 stars for everything.

  6. Joseph (verified owner)

    This pack is one of the best. Included CSX ES44AH, C40-8, and animated Tropicana car! Plus, after setting up a yard for loading juice for the Tropicana car, the loading and unloading is even animated! Thanks, JR for this train pack.

  7. Kevin

    Dependencies from our dependencies section ( like cabs and engine sounds) are required and you are probably missing those. Submit a support ticket if you need assistance getting the missing dependencies you more than likely have.

  8. Mike Cyr

    Have you contacted us at [email protected]?

  9. Cheryl Dickenson (verified owner)

    i love this pack… but I really got let down when the c40-8 loco didn’t work, then I downloaded the cab from jointed rail that it said I needed… aaaaannnnnd that was broken too, please try to fix it because I was really looking forward to the c40-8, plus I love your site so I’m still going to go with a 5 star rating because you guys are awesome!

  10. Cheryl Dickenson (verified owner)

    sorry it turns out it uses an unsupported build number so I don’t know what you can do about that.

  11. Kevin

    You more than likely don’t have the update needed from our updates area of the site. https://jointedrail.com/product-category/updates/

    Namely you need the standard cab update and the locomotive wipers but all are a good idea. Also if you are getting an unsupported build number warning that is not in red on the left side that is not an error that’s going to prevent it from working, you more than likely just need the above.

  12. Catherine Ellsworth (verified owner)

    This set is awesome. You get 2 locomotives for the price of one. And you get a Bonus tropicana reefer! Great job, jointed rail!

  13. TrainzPlayer14 (verified owner)

    Amazing quality product! Two engines and even a modern Tropicana Reefer, all for the price of one – a best buy! Great job Jointed Rail!

  14. TrainzPlayer14 (verified owner)

    Amazing quality product! Two engines and even a modern Tropicana Reefer, all for the price of one – a best buy! Excellent work Jointed Rail!

  15. Idkhelp (verified owner)

    Great Product! You get More than you expect for $15! Was very pleased with the C40-8 included with the ES44AH! Great job JR team!

  16. dac122018 (verified owner)

    I love the juice train thank you so much JR, your the Best

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