Mopac Content Pack

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JointedRail content is currently supported ONLY in Trainz: A New Era SP4 build 105766 thru current Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 versions. Items may require connection to the N3V download station for some dependencies.

Assortment of models and artists.



Collection of Mopac rolling stock.

Additional information

KUID Table

Evans Covered Hopper MP Clean, kuid:92924:100068 Missouri Illinois 50' ACF Boxcar, kuid:373941:100471 Missouri Pacific 50' ACF Boxcar 1, kuid:373941:100452 Missouri Pacific 50' ACF Boxcar 2, kuid:373941:100469 Missouri Pacific 50' ACF Boxcar 3, kuid:373941:100470 Mopac Evans Covered Hopper v1, kuid:532427:100340 MOPAC Flatcar, kuid:532427:100049 MP Trinity 3 Bay Hopper v2, kuid:532427:100661 MP Trinity 3 Bay Hopper v3, kuid:532427:100662 MP Trinity 3 Bay Hopper v4, kuid:532427:100663 MP Trinity 3 Bay Hopper v5, kuid:532427:100674 MP #723497 3 Bay ACF, kuid:92924:100033 MP (Clean) Cylindrical Hopper, kuid:92924:100143 MP (Dirty/Octapus Gaf) Cylindrical Hopper, kuid:532427:100284 MP (Dusty) Cylindrical Hopper, kuid:532427:100320 MP 3 Bay ACF (light weathering), kuid:92924:100040 MP 3 Bay ACF (medium rust), kuid:92924:100042 MP 50ft Boxcar bubble side, kuid2:386914:10078:1 MP 50ft Boxcar bubble side reflectors, kuid2:386914:10079:1 MP 50ft Boxcar smooth, kuid2:386914:10076:1 MP 50ft Boxcar UP, kuid2:386914:10077:1 MP/UP Cylindrical Hopper, kuid:532427:100337 MP/UP (Dirty) Cylindrical Hopper, kuid:92924:100146 UP Trinity 2 Bay #706539, kuid2:386914:10075:1 50ft Hi-Cube Boxcar MP (Clean), kuid:92924:100076 50ft Hi-Cube Boxcar MP (Weathered), kuid:92924:100077 89Ft Autorack mopac v1, kuid:532427:100168 89Ft Autorack mopac v2, kuid:532427:100196


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