Pennsylvania & Berwind Content Pack- TANE

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JointedRail content is currently supported ONLY in Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 117009 to current TRS22 and plus versions. Items may require connection to the N3V download station for some dependencies.

This is for TANE Only!

Last update: September 20, 2018
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15 reviews for Pennsylvania & Berwind Content Pack- TANE

  1. Louis Todd (verified owner)

    They are great and a great value for someone looking to build up their roster of different motive power, especially good for the route for which they were produced.

  2. jpj_starfleet (verified owner)

    Beautiful Route! this could be anywhere green by a river in the US.

  3. Kojichu (verified owner)

    After watching all 30 youtube episodes of “lets build the P&B” it is hard to believe I am actually driving on the P&B! A massive thank you to Approach Medium, BillM001 and Jointed Rail for making it possible.

  4. NickelPlateGL (verified owner)

    Amazing route… from looking at the pictures. I can’t play this simply because they say all of the non-DLS dependencies are in the package even though they’re not. Same with most routes, to be honest. Don’t know if anyone else has this issue, or if it’s just me. But that aside, from looking at the pictures, I’m sure it WOULD be a blast to run trains through this stunning route.

  5. Griffin Montgomery (verified owner)

    amazing thanks guys

  6. NS_Engr (verified owner)

    Adding to the the many other new purchasers “P & B RR” I want to say how amazing this add-on is. From the littlest detail to the biggest, including the frog croaks passing over a bridge I am totally enjoying it.

    I do have one question regarding where to post support questions as I do have an issue with getting the RS27 to activate.

    Thanks again

  7. Douglas (verified owner)

    One thing can not stand is using old cabs for the new TANE . Like from 2003 !!

  8. randyhook (verified owner)

    The P&B route and content pack together are nothing short of amazing. After watching so many build episodes by Approach Medium, it is a pure pleasure to be running beautiful trains on this gorgeous route. And with the awesome backstory provided by BillM, I see myself spending countless hours here.

    I would like to note two things that might help others out. First, when I downloaded everything, I was still missing a lot of assets. I believe part of it may have been that I wasn’t logged into the download station when I started importing everything from the JR downloads. So I logged in, selected Faulty from the Content Filter to see what I was missing and began downloading the missing content. That brings me to my second point. It was beyond painfully slow. I mean like 1K/sec slow. I would have been here all weekend or more before the downloads finished. Now I don’t know if I agree with this whole “First Class Ticket” think that N3V sells, but I forked over five bucks to get a 7-day ticket and the downloads came over at 1MB/sec. So it was definitely worth it, whether or not you agree with the fee.

  9. gallipat5591 (verified owner)

    Molto bello e veramente ben fatto, complimenti a Approach Medium e a J R

  10. Norberto merino (verified owner)

    Just amazing!

  11. Estolcles (verified owner)

    I enjoyed the hell out of the route, so that convinced me to purchase the content pack. Totally worth the purchase. So many beautiful ALCos.

  12. Chris102017 (verified owner)

    I cant get the BW9 to work otherwise great content

  13. Grifferdude (verified owner)

    Great map!

  14. Matthew (verified owner)

    great route love the scenery

  15. trainzperson (verified owner)

    This route and the pack is great. Don’t get me wrong. However, this only gets 4 stars because of the cabs. The alco locomotives and the B30-7 use a outdated cab that in no way belongs in T:ANE. Both of the above locos use a old EMD GP/SD cab, and not a JR cab. Still good, but certainly not perfect.

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