RBMN Locomotives

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JointedRail content is currently supported ONLY in Trainz: A New Era SP4 build 105766 thru current Trainz Railroad Simulator 2022 versions UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED ON THE PRODUCT PAGE. Items may require connection to the N3V download station for common dependencies.

These locomotives contain features that are in a BETA stage.

Last update: September 15, 2012




New Smoke FX
REAL Dynamic brake sounds
Animated doors front and back
Animated Window visors
New Coupler sounds

10 reviews for RBMN Locomotives

  1. René

    good stuff

  2. Ed

    I have been waiting for diesels to setup to consume fuel and here they are. After allot of playing around with them and setting up a diesel facility I can say they look and sound like the real thing. The doors and visor operations are kinda neat too. Although no price is set for these units as of yet, I’m sure JR will do as always and have decent prices. I hope you add these features to all the diesels you’ve made throughout the years.

  3. Sean

    I can’t get them to run for more than 5 seconds, but I love them anyway. An awesome job to the JR crew!!!

  4. nathan

    The SW1500 never worked until now, so I like the pack. the gondola and coal car aren’t in the game, but I like it anyways!

  5. daniel

    I got new hornz and put them on the sd40 & 50, and they sound great!!!! Thanks JR!

  6. Shawn

    JR you guys are on the right track!!!!!! I love the start-up and shut down feature!!!!!!!awesome this is why I spend my money with you!
    BTW will your new releases (UP CW44-9) have this start-up shutdown feature when you are done beta testing? sure hope so :0)

  7. Greg

    Have put these through the ringer on Trainz Mac and they work flawlessly. The start/stop feature is sweet, just need a driver command so it can be automated. You guys do amazing work!

  8. tyler

    great locos, highly detailed and superbly made

  9. Moodster08

    These are some of the best features for engines out there. Include these features in more engines and I will be buying alot more!!!!!
    I dont drive anything else but these now, the engine shut down and startup add a whole new level to the game, great Job guys!

  10. Tim

    I tried these awhile back and my cpu died one of the first downloads on new cpu because they are just amazing!!

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