South Bay RR Mega Pack

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Models by Justin Cornell and Ryan Rasmussen, reskins by Josh Snow

Last update: October 21, 2015
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Night_Lighting Truck_Sounds Fan_Animation Auto_Running_Numbers Class_Lights Ditch_Lights Custom_Cab

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Contents of CDP: sbrr_mega_pack_1.cdp EMD 16-645E roots blown diesel engine sounds Leslie S3L Nathan NCP3 [GE Bell] Nathan OCP3 #7 Nathan OCP3 #3 Nathan K5H #2 Blomberg M (UP gray) Leslie S3L #2 Leslie S3L #4 Nathan K5LA [Chessie] Leslie RS3L Nathan M5 Breadwood BW9 Engine sounds AAR(GSC) B Type Truck gray BW9 Cab Mechanism BW9 8 Blade Inner Fans BW9 8 Blade Outer Fans SD38 engine no dynamic brake SD45 engine BW9 engine GP38-2 engine SD40-2 engine Ditchlight Red Corona Green Corona Lunar Corona Light Dot Trucklight/Steplight JR EOT Device Mesh Library HT-C truck (black) Blomberg M (black b) Blomberg B (black a) Blomberg B late (black b) Blomberg B late (silver b) HT-C truck (exposed bearing caps) (dirty silver) Flexicoil-C M (black) Flexicoil-C early (black) FB-2 gray AMTK EMD 16-645 diesel engine sounds EMD 16-645E diesel engine sounds MU Cable Front Loco Coupler Front Loco Coupler Rear EMD 8 Blade 48 Radiator Fan Loco Coupler Front Plow EMD 10 Blade 48 Radiator Fan Loco Coupler Rear Plow Loco Coupler Front Rock EMD traction motor cables -3 motor dash2 cab mechanism generic cab shell EMD 16-645E1 enginesounds v2 Flexicoil-C M (black PVRX silver) Nathan K5LA First Generation EMD 20-645E3 Engine Sounds South Bay SD40-2 Ph1 South Bay BW9 #30 South Bay BW9 #32 South Bay SD40-2 Ph2 South Bay SD40-2 OLS South Bay SD38 South Bay GP38-3 South Bay GP40-2 South Bay Ex-BCR SD40-2 South Bay GP38-2 Ex-UP 2 South Bay GP38-2 Ex-UP 1 South Bay Ex-WC SD45 South Bay Ex-NS SD38 South Bay BW9 Cab shell South Bay SD40-2 cab shell South Bay SD40-2 OLS cab shell South Bay SD40-2 RWB cab shell South Bay ex-WC SD45 cab shell Nathan K5LA 3rd Gen 1b HTC bogey silver BCR

7 reviews for South Bay RR Mega Pack

  1. Nathan (verified owner)

    This pack is incredible; an excellent way to bolster your roster in TS12 with a diverse range of Locos. An amazing pack, I’d definitely recommend it.

  2. William (verified owner)

    I’ve had my eye on this pack for some time and when it came on sale, I had to buy it. What originally drew me to it was the two BW-9’s which unfortunately were what kept me from giving it a 5-star rating. The outside detail on both these locos was excellent but inside cabs were a disappointment. The other problem was the engine file had an annoying looping sound that got worse as the engine speed increased. Except for a couple of horns that sounded like they were recorded from an electronic keyboard, the other locos were excellent. Problems aside, I still consider this to be a great pack and I highly recommend it.

  3. Mike Cyr (verified owner)

    Hi William! Glad you like it! As for the BW’s those don’t have a custom cab which is why they use a default cab. The engine on those is actually a truck engine and the horn is supposed to be more an industrial type warning vs. a real train horn. Hope that helps, I suspect the BW9’s will get an overhaul and have cabs done for them at some point. Thanks for your business.

  4. sevgi aydın (verified owner)

    Nice pack.Thank you jointedrail

  5. Preston sting (verified owner)

    Very Very high quality pack, I love it. Great price too! Highly recommend.

  6. Wesley Chen (verified owner)

    Highly disappointed with this pack. Only 1-2 of the locomotives were ARN-equipped, limiting the size of the engine pool available.

  7. Tobytugers1159 (verified owner)

    With some simple tweaks in I was able to get rid of the numbers on the body. What I didn’t realize was that the locomotives have ARN on the Number boards so once I got the stiff numbers on the body off, they were perfect! The Custom cabs are Unbelievable and the Engine sounds are amazing. I really like the SD38’s engine once you start cranking up the speed. As usual another JR Quality Pack! Thank You for making this game amazing!

  8. Ryan_G (verified owner)

    nice pack lots of locos

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