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This section contains information on our newest releases.

New Models, New Railroads

We have tons of new and exciting things happening and that includes new railroads and new models.  While we're rebuilding old models from the ground up we're also adding new railroads to our rosters.  We hope you enjoy the upcoming content and we look forward to offering your favorite railroad very soon!  We're also starting to offer a selection of routes and content packs that cover various industries or themes.  Have you made the switch to TRAINZ: A New Era?  Jointed Rail is now offering routes and content specifically designed to take advantage of the upgrades that TANE offers.  We're currently supporting the latest stable build, however we cannot guarantee BETA versions until they are completed.  Be sure to remain at the last stable version, we don't recommend nor support any BETA versions of TRAINZ.

New GP38-2’s released

It's been a long time in the making.  We're getting back to where it began, overhauling and rebuilding our GP38's.  This is a ground up replacement of the original model adding the latest technology available for the best graphical results in game.  Included in the new line of EMD's are our brand new cabs.  These cabs are packed with scripted features that will deliver hours of enjoyment.  Several schemes are planned covering many railroads.  Look forward to more overhauls very soon.