What simulator are these locomotives for?
These Locomotives are for the TRAINZ railroad simulator.

How long do I have to wait for my downloads to arrive?
Once your payment has cleared the processor (PayPal) the site will send the files right away.  Please make sure you have entered a valid email address.  E-Checks take longer and require manual activation.  Please email us ahead of time if you wish to use an e-check.

Where do I get support for my payware purchase?
Please open a support ticket for assistance with a purchase. Freeware support is on the forums only and not available on the site.

I lost my files, can I get them back?
All of your purchases are available anytime for download via your account. If you don't see a past purchase in your account please open a support ticket.

Can I get special pricing on large orders?
Sure if your order will equal at least $150 at checkout we're more than happy to offer bulk discounted rates.  Don't forget Club Car members save all year long and get free content.

Can I request a locomotive?
Yes, these are called commissions.  Commissions start at $50 for simple reskins.  Mesh changes will be charged extra, please contact us for pricing on these services.  These are only suggested prices and can and will change depending on the request.  50% of the total will be due at the start.

I paid for my order by still have not received it.
Please make sure that you check your spam folder.  9 out of 10 times this is the case.  If you still have not received your order, please include your PO number when you open a helpdesk ticket.

I have Dial-Up or a limited internet connection, will you ship me my order?
Yes, if you pay for the shipping we will be happy to ship your order the same day payment is received.

I can’t use PayPal, can I send in payment?
Yes, you can send us a money order via mail.  Please contact us via our helpdesk.

I’m missing dependencies, where are they?
Our locomotives use advanced scripted features that come in various libraries.  Our cabs also use a similar feature.  All needed dependencies for your products can be found here.

Do you create content for other simulations?
At this time we're primarily creating for TRAINZ railroad simulator.  If you would like to see our content in other platforms please contact us.

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