EMD SD45T-2 – SP (Phase 1a)

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JointedRail content is currently supported ONLY in Trainz: A New Era SP4 build 105766 thru current Trainz Railroad Simulator 2022 versions UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED ON THE PRODUCT PAGE. Items may require connection to the N3V download station for common dependencies.

Model and textures by Justin Cornell.


Last update: January 14, 2020


This item is for Trainz: A New Era ONLY or higher.


3 reviews for EMD SD45T-2 – SP (Phase 1a)

  1. bnsffan10 (verified owner)

    An SP Fan’s Honest Review of the JR SP SD45T-2.

    The unit itself looks beautiful. Everything on it is perfect. The colors, The Fonts, the L-Shaped Window, Labeling (Builders Plate and other Labels are readable), Detailed Radiators and Grills, ACI Label and other little details. One thing I would say that’s a little disappointing but doesn’t ruin the experience is lack of weathering (There’s some and i’ll give them credit for having done the effort). SP units were not known for their cleanness. But since the Builder’s plate reads it was built in 1975 (Yes I was able to read it on the unit) lets just say it ran a few 100 miles on the SP. Overall look of the unit: 5/5

    The Custom Cab looks amazing and comfortable to ride in. It feels dirty and ratty giving you a feel on how dirty SP treated their units. The windows have grime and dirt on them, You can see the “track” of the wiper blades cut through the dirt and grime on the windows which is a cool little detail. Back Electrical Cabinets are detailed (But cannot be used), has different switches for different intractable uses such as: Gauge light (Labeled as “Gage” instead of “Gauge” but i’m no English Teacher), Sander, Front Headlight (Off/Dim/Bright), Horn Handle, Bell Button, There’s no switch for the Gyralight Motor or Light Switch (But will automatically turn on when the unit is leading and in motion),The Step Light Switch does not work (But you can turn them on by Cntrl + Right Click on unit/ press “View Details”), Emergency Brake Value is not intractable, and Mirrors, Visors, and Doors can be interacted and will show up even outside the unit. Overall look and intractability of the cab: 4/5

    The Overall Sounds of the unit feel real. While the unit idles, the spitter value will come on, The Notch 1-8 sounds are clean. And the transitions are even cleaner. You can hear the prime mover rattle the sides of the car body. And in the higher notches (5-8) You can hear the unit sucking up more air through the big radiators at the back, A Nathan P3 with an…..aluminum bell? (Sounds more like a New Cast P3. Commonly replaced by SP and placed on units in the 90s. Also not an expert on bells) but still gives the sound all SP fans love to hear. Overall Sounds: 5/5

    Last thoughts and other things. This unit has been very well done in all of the fields I’ve reviewed it in. Some small yet notable things to say are the Light Up Number boards, Animated Bell, Cab Light (Will be seen on outside but off in cabview), Classlights, (Forward/Backwards Colors: Red/Green/White), Sliding Windows (Left/Right), Functioning Cab Doors (Front/Back), Cab Visors, (Engineers and Conductors), And Sand and Fuel Consumption.

    Final Thoughts and Honest Review of the SP SD45T-2: 5/5
    Keep doing what you do JR!

  2. Cameron (verified owner)

    As a fellow SP nut I can back everything said in the previous review, I have to emphasize the incredible sound design and detailing that has gone into recent JR releases. They are by far the best sounding EMD 645 engines I have ever heard in a sim, they do occasionally have a glitch where sound cuts out while transitioning from notch 4 to notch 5, but it’s rare and seems to only happen when the game is really laggy.

    The horn and bell are both appropriate for SP T-2’s from the late 80s to mid 90s. The P3 horn is one of the better ones out there, although I personally chose to swap it for the P3 from Reggie’s GP60, there was nothing wrong with the JR horn, I just liked the sound of the other one more.

    The detailing is perfect for a mid-late 80s period, but will look slightly out of place in the 90s or on UP trains, as SP started removing some of the iconic details from these units starting in around 1989… If you aren’t an SP buff though, you probably won’t know the difference, and it does give them a unique “SP look”

    Overall really great, 100/100, the only problem with these units is that they’re so good that they make the old built-in SP tunnel motor stand out by comparison, hopefully we get more SP in the future, there are still some iconic units that have yet to be done like the SD40 and SD45 rebuilds.

  3. DARTrider (verified owner)

    Oh wow! I love everything about this! The cab, the textures, detailing, lights and sounds. The new 20-645E3 sounds are amazing, and the P3 is appropriate for this locomotive. It stands out from the SD40T-2 that’s built-in and the SD45 as well. My preferred SP consist has at least 1 of these in there, and the only thing missing from the JR SP catalogue is the SD40-2. Great work, and keep it up!

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