Safetran Crossing Pack

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JointedRail content is currently supported ONLY in Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 117009 to current TRS22 and plus versions. Items may require connection to the N3V download station for some dependencies.

Model and textures by Ryan Vince

Additional Downloads:

Safetran Crossing Mesh Library
Safetran Crossing Dependencies

Last update: February 13, 2015



Variety of Safetran crossings that have different gate arm lengths, light sizes, bell types, and cantilever signals included. These crossings are made to work with the existing ATLS system in TS12 .

Naming System

12X24: 12″ Light with 24″ backing
12X20: 12″ Light with 20″ backing
PED: Pedestrian Gate
LA: Long arm
M: Mechanical Bell
OH: Overhead Crossing
LINC: Overhead crossing with mesh made by Tolga
NG: No Gate
SideL: Attachment side light for crossings.

Additional information

KUID Table

Crossing Package RR Crossing PED ST, RR Crossing ST LA Gate Only, RR Crossing 12x20M ST, RR Crossing 12x20M ST LA, RR Crossing 12x20NGM ST, RR Crossing 12x20NG ST, RR Crossing 12x20PED ST, RR Crossing 12×20 ST LA, RR Crossing 12×20 ST LA, RR Crossing 12x24LINC ST, RR Crossing 12x24MOH1 ST, RR Crossing 12x24M ST, RR Crossing 12x24M ST LA, RR Crossing 12x24NGM ST, RR Crossing 12x24NG ST, RR Crossing 12x24OH1 ST, RR Crossing 12x24PED ST, RR Crossing 12×24 SideL ST, RR Crossing 12×24 ST, RR Crossing 12×24 ST LA, RR Crossing 12×24 3-LINC ST, Dependency Package E Bell RR Crossing, RR Crossing Corona, RR Crossing Library Textures, RR Crossing Track Plate Textures, Safetran Hybird M Bell RR Crossing, Safetran RR Crossing Mesh Library

11 reviews for Safetran Crossing Pack

  1. CSX2358

    These crossing signals are wonderful! They are very well detailed and they work perfectly. They may be missing deps but you should check and submit edits to all the open for edit deps. They should turn modified after that. Overall these signals are a MUST HAVE!

  2. NXT45

    These crossings are the best out there! The best part? Their free!

  3. conrail09

    I have been looking for these for a very long time! I’m so glad that Jointed Rail has them FOR FREE! I got them yesterday and they are totally awesome. I would recommend these to anyone who is looking for an awesome railroad crossing.

  4. Charley

    great looking crossing signals, but I gave it a 4 star quality as when I try to install the crossing stands bury themselves into the ground almost up to the crossbucks. The crossing bells also are detached from the crossing stand leaving a giant gap between them. Otherwise, a great asset!

  5. Matthew

    Im Sorry about the stars but the thing is THESE CROSSING WONT DOWNLOAD!!! When i go into trainz 12 content i put the crossing’s in then i go into my game and edit my route it says the crossings Are in the game but when i put it down THERE INVISIBLE PLEASE HELP ME!!!! ūüôĀ

  6. nsouthern1884

    the best crossings ive ever installed. the bells loop absolutely perfectly and they are very detailed. this must be the best freeware signal i have ever come across. and they are FREE!!

  7. neffam3

    I was afraid I would never get these again after i had to re-download trainz as the website i got them from noted they were closing down. Now I am happy to see them here in the most convenient place 1005*pi/10

  8. Jason

    i replaced all grade crossings on mojave sub with these, yet i dont see why these were not built-in. it is easy to use, because if you have patch 61388, NGs have bells that last the entire time, so you dont have to go through settings of each crossing. i expected more, but im good with this.

  9. Matthew

    Alrighty, Got the problem fixed, AWESOME HD CROSSING! ūüėÄ

  10. Matthew

    One of the best crossing packs ever, Ignore my last review (It wouldn’t download) The crossing packs are now working for me, and they’re just awesome!

  11. Nicolaas1

    Only one thing when a train drives across i hear a popping in the bell sound can you look at this ?

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