SP PC&F 6033 Boxcar

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Model and textures by Adam Chilcote


SP PC&F 6033 Boxcar

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Contents of CDP: SP PCF.cdp SP PC&F 6033 SP 6033 Skins A-3 Truck 70 ton 220, 000 lbs 6in ?? 11in 33in wheels Charmin Paper Towels (Pallet) Kleenex (Pallet) Angel Soft (Pallet) Paper Roll (Pulpboard) Paper Roll (Bleached)

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  1. Alan

    This is a representation of SP and Cotton Belt’s fleet of B-70-32 hi-cube boxcars built in 1966-1967 with Hydra-Cushion underframes and 10ft 6in sliding doors.

    The cars with normal brown doors were assigned to high-priority appliance loading and were often seen speeding along the line in SP and Cotton Belt’s hot, premiere freights, or grouped together with other high-value boxcars at the head end of their TOFC intermodal trains.

    The cars painted with yellow doors were assigned to newsprint and paper-hauling service, and were most commonly associated with SP’s famous lumber drags, but were also seen in their manifests as well, usually grouped together in small cuts with other paper and lumber-carrying boxcars and flats. (Boxcars in paper service needed consistently clean interiors in order not to dirty or contaminate their loads, thus SP adopted the practice of painting their paper boxcars with yellow doors to help differentiate them from their normal boxcar fleet.

    I can’t wait to add this boxcar to my collection!

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