If you have any questions or problems with any of your payware content please email us at [email protected] You can expect a prompt reply in a timely manner unless there is a support notice in effect for vacations and major holidays. Below you will find a list of several frequently asked questions (FAQ’s).

Normal business hours are:

Monday – Friday

9am – 5pm (EST)

To leave a voice mail please call: (859) JR-SALES Please allow time for a representative to return your call. Our preferred method of support is via email, telephones are not manned during regular business hours.


Thank you for choosing Jointed Rail to provide your content needs.



What simulator are these locomotives for?

These Locomotives are for the TRAINZ railroad simulator.

How long do I have to wait for my downloads to arrive?

Once your payment has cleared the processor (PayPal) the site will send the files right away.  Please make sure you have entered a valid email address.  E-Checks take longer and require manual activation.  Please email us ahead of time if you wish to use an e-check.

Where do I get support for my payware purchase?

All of our support methods are listed just above this FAQ.  Payware customers can send us an email or call us for support.  Freeware customers should use our forums for support on Freeware items.  Payware customers do get priority with support requests, freeware is not supported via email or phone.  

I lost my files, can I get them back?

Per the TOS you must agree to on each purchase Jointed Rail will not resend files.  You are required to make a backup copy of your purchase when you get it.  JR will reissue the files for a $5 fee as our site is not setup to handle redistribution.  This fee is per order, not per locomotive.

Can I get special pricing on large orders?

Yes you can, please contact us via the Contact Us link above before you make your purchase.  We will set up special pricing on 6 or more locomotives.

Can I request a locomotive?

Yes, these are called commissions.  Commissions start at $50 for simple reskins.  Mesh changes will be charged extra, please contact us for pricing on these services.  These are only suggested prices and can and will change depending on the request.

I paid for my order by still have not received it.

Please make sure that you check your spam folder.  9 out of 10 times this is the case.  If you still have not received your order, please include your PO number when you open a helpdesk ticket.

I have Dial-Up or a limited internet connection, will you ship me my order?

Yes, if you pay for the shipping we will be happy to ship your order the same day payment is received. 

I can’t use PayPal, can I send in payment?

Yes, you can send us a money order via mail.  Please contact us via our helpdesk.

What is the “fire script”?

FDL engines in the -7 series had a tendency to build up fuel at the injectors. when the throttle was opened quickly this would produce a flame shooting from the exhaust. This locomotive has a feature that represents that.

Is there any content for Railworks or Run 8?


 What is a Digital Download?

A Digital Download is a method of purchasing games whereby you download the game directly to your computer rather than receiving a box through the mail.
In order to take full advantage of Digital Downloads you should be on an ADSL or better internet connection due to the large file sizes that are regularly involved.

What happens if my download was interrupted?

It is recommended that you download using a download manager, such as http://www.freedownloadmanager.org. This will enable you to resume interrupted download and pause currently running downloads.

I’m missing dependencies, where are they?

Our locomotives use advanced scripted features that come in various libraries.  Our cabs also use a similar feature.  All needed dependencies for your products can be found here.

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